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WATCH- BOX -WALNUT -WOOD- FOR -18- WATCHES - Watchbox- Store
WATCH- BOX -WALNUT -WOOD- FOR -18- WATCHES - Watchbox- Store
WATCH- BOX -WALNUT -WOOD- FOR -18- WATCHES - Watchbox- Store
WATCH- BOX -WALNUT -WOOD- FOR -18- WATCHES - Watchbox- Store



    This beautiful watch box is an ideal device for storing watches. Keep them protected from dust and your watches will stay as beautiful as they should be! The top of the box has a glass, so you can view your beautiful watch collection at any time. The inner lining is made of soft velvet and is non-slip. The casket also serves as a good protection for your watches. It has 18 compartments with 18 cushions.

    We are sure you will also fall in love with our famous precious wood watch box, which can store up to 18 watches! Discover even more similar items in the selection of wooden watch boxes among all the watch boxes in stock.


    WATCH- BOX -WALNUT -WOOD- FOR -18- WATCHES - Watchbox- Store


    Wooden boxes appeal to you, but 3 places are not enough to accommodate your timepieces? Discover our wooden watch box with 10 compartments, a popular model from our collection wooden watch box. You can find more watch boxes on the Watch Boxes page.

    Would you like a model in more vibrant colors? Discover our watch box with reddish wood. A piece that belongs to the collection of wooden watch boxes. You will find even more choice of materials in the collection of watch boxes.

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