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      At we have already conquered more than 1800 happy owners of luxury watches with a watch winder.

      In the following lines we will tell you in detail :

      The usefulness of a watch winder.
      How they work
      Our different models
      So here is some information about how our automatic watch winders work and their advantages.


      Some people have a bad habit of winding their mechanical watch by hand. This can damage your watch and also costs time and energy. A watch winder is therefore much more practical, especially if you own several watches! It will automatically wind your tocantes without you having to worry about it.

      A watch winder proves to be easy and simple to use. You no longer have to worry about setting your watches. The case will take care of this task as a matter of course. Using a watch winder can also extend the life of your watches as it has a specially designed automatic movement. Besides, owning such an accessory will add more design to your desk or other furniture. In fact, some watch winders have a style that allows them to be used as a standalone piece of interior decoration. So, if you are a watch lover, such a watch box is the best way not only to take care of your collection, but also to showcase it in front of your friends and guests!


      The power reserve of your automatic watch can be used up quickly, depending on the model you own. 24 to 48 hours, that is the autonomy of mechanical energy that your Tocante has! However, you can face this problem with an item specifically designed for this problem. Every collector is equipped with it! If you have decided to buy a watch winder or you are still hesitating, here is some useful information about these remarkable watch boxes.

      An accessory like an automatic watch requires frequent and repeated movement from your wrist. When you are not wearing the watch, the watch winder will do this job for you by automatically performing rotational movements. Watch winders can be powered in a variety of ways. Some are charged with batteries or rechargeable batteries, while others run off the mains. However, there are also watch winders that use both types of power supply. However, you can rest assured that these winders consume very little energy.


      To meet your watch winder needs, we provide you with models of different types. For example, in our collection you will find watch cases made of different materials such as lacquered or painted wood and carbon.

      Then, in particular, we have watch winders for cases, automatic, LED or with fingerprint lock. There are many options for watch winders for automatic watches, such as: First, you can choose lacquered wood automatic watch winder. They are available with 2 slots, with 6 slots, with 9 slots, with 12 slots and with 24 slots.

      - We also offer carbon fiber watch winders in different styles so you can choose what you need. They are available in 1, 2, 6, 10 and 14 slots.

      - If you prefer stylish jewelry, watch winders made of lacquered or colored wood are just what you need.

      - Automatic watch winders in modern style. Similar to the watch winders you have already met, this type of watch winder comes in different shapes.

      You can also satisfy your needs with a vertical automatic watch winder that serves as an elegant display where you can show off your charms in style.


      To top it all off, the collection also includes a watch winder with fingerprint lock. This type of watch winder is suitable for those who are concerned about security or have a geeky streak, and will make your friends jealous! Slots are available for this type of watch boxes: They are 2 slots, 4 slots, 6 slots, 8 slots up to a number of 12 slots.
      As you may have discovered, you have a wide range of styles and storage options. Try to find the best compromise between your current number of watches to protect (to which must be added the number of models you will soon fall in love with), the material you want and the appropriate price-quality ratio.

      If you prefer those of the individual type, you should choose our watch winders with one slot. However, if you are in possession of several mechanical watches, we have the right one for you as well. Our cases are available with 2 slots, 4 slots, 6 slots and even up to 24 slots! The said slots, correspond to the capacity of the watch winder. So a watch case that has 9 slots, can wind up to 9 watches at the same time! We also offer watch winders with a drawer.

      If you want to know our collections, we recommend you to read about our luxury watch winders.


      For more choice, discover our watch winder Carbones, which has a drawer where you can store other items.
      This watch winder is part of the collection of luxury watch winders that we would like to present to you and generally part of our range of watch winders.

      How do watch winders work ?

      A watch winder winds automatic watches and keeps them ready for use, It is fixed on a cushion or clasp of the watch winder and slowly rotates around the rotor axis. The movements exert a torque on the winding mechanism, which winds the watch. The interval of rotation as well as the direction of rotation (right or left) must be adjusted to the respective caliber (movement). You can find the caliber on the case back or in the user manual or warranty card.

      How are watch winders used?

      If an automatic watch is not worn for a longer period of time, the automatic watch will stop after about 3-4 days. It must be completely reset when worn. Especially with automatic chronographs with many complications, readjustment after longer breaks in wear is often complicated. To avoid this problem, a watch winder is used. In order to protect the movement from wear, the watch should be moved with as few revolutions as possible. At night, the watch winder can also be switched off for about 8 hrs.

      Maybe you are looking for a chic and elegant storage option for your luxury watch? Check out our incredible collection of watch holders now. It's a luxurious accessory that will allow you to show off your watch anywhere!