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Make room for trendy watches with our timeless watch boxes and watch cases ... Watches storage


Welcome to watch-box-store, the specialty store for watch boxes, cases and boxes to store, protect and secure your watch collection. Whether you are a watchmaker, a beginner or an experienced collector, at watch-box-store you will find your happiness to protect and organize your luxury watches. Don't hesitate to browse all our categories to find the ideal box or case. Watch Box Store collects cases made of different materials, be it leather, carbon fiber or wood, in different sizes and styles ♡ ♡

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Watchbox store For passionate collectors

For passionate collectors, a watch is one of the few things they can wear and give their all. This means that the true jewel for any collector will be their watch. A watch box is a useful accessory that allows any watchmaker to keep their beautiful watches safe while displaying them beautifully.

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Keeping a classic watch or a luxury watch in good condition is important, its storage is crucial. Therefore, we try to offer you the best storage boxes with an aesthetic display that suits you. Our boxes express luxury and wealth. They are ideal to store your watches and increase your satisfaction by completing a collection of watches.
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Are you looking for a stylish and elegant watch box to give as a gift or to yourself? Then you have come to the right place! is the German website that specializes in watch boxes and automatic watch winders. Whether you prefer a vintage style made of wood, a design made of metal or plastic, or a classic style made of genuine or synthetic leather, you will find it in our online store. We offer a wide range of colors and materials, but also different slots (slots).
You have some watches that you want to store elegantly and protect them from dust and weather, but you do not know what number of slots to choose? Give yourself a little leeway. If you're a lover of beautiful watches, you know you won't be able to resist adding to your collection for long. A watch box is a versatile item: not only does it look good, but it's also practical and functional. A watch box is the perfect accessory to showcase your finest timepieces. Some models have lids made of glass or plexiglass, so you can show off your collection of wristwatches in style. But that's not all. A watch box is a must if you want to store and sort your watches. You no longer have to leave some on the nightstand while the others disappear into the sock drawer.... There are several models in different sizes that will perfectly fit your collection, and whether you have just one watch or eight, ten or even more...

The most important thing is that a watch box allows you to protect your precious collection of timepieces and keep them absolutely safe. The outside is made of sturdy materials, such as solid wood or aluminum, which can withstand all kinds of shocks. The inside is a soft bed for your watches. You can find lining materials like faux leather, felt, velvet or suede.... A watch box is a must if you want to protect your watches from friction, scratches, scuffs and even dust!

WATCHBOX -SHOP-WATCHBOX -SHOP-Watchbox- Store | Watch- Boxes, Watch -Cases & Watch -Winders - Watch -Box
watch-box-store- WATCHBOX -SHOP-Watchbox- Store | Watch- Boxes, Watch -Cases & Watch -Winders - Watch -Box


The purpose of a watch winder for an automatic watch is to always ensure the continuous operation of the watch mechanism. By slowly rotating your timepiece, the watch winder perfectly mimics the movement of your wrist; it's like wearing your watch yourself. A watch winder is extremely useful for people who own one or more automatic watches and cannot wear them every day. The device ensures that the watch mechanism remains in perfect condition, so you don't have to wind it by hand every time you want to wear your precious watch.

In addition, our watch winders for automatic watches are also ideal for collecting several of your watches in one place. There are many different models that are larger or smaller, and some even offer additional storage space. You can also place the watch winder on a piece of furniture or behind a display case to showcase your fanciest watches as you watch them slowly and elegantly rotate.


Watch Holder : elegant accessory The "stand" has only one goal: to present your watch as stylish and elegant as possible. It can hold one or more watches and is made of high quality materials: Solid wood, marble, leather, microfiber.... The watch stand brings comfort and modernity to your watch, showing it off to its full advantage. Access to your watch is so easy that it takes less than a few seconds to store it in this luxurious watch Holder.


A watch case is a very practical accessory to store your watch. It is ideal for all your travels as it is an easy to carry item. Depending on the purpose, there are different sizes and models. Watch cases, for example, are small and compact and usually hold only one watch, while rolls are more suitable for storing multiple watches and are perfect for carrying in your suitcase or travel bag.


We always strive to provide the best quality and are constantly improving our product line. We have always been leaders in creating new trends and opening new styles and options for all types of watch and jewelry storage. A place for those who love to surround themselves with beautiful things and appreciate style, elegance and perfection. Whether you are looking for watch boxes, jewelry boxes, watch cases or watch stands, here you will find selected, distinguished products that will give your most precious treasures a protected place and express your passion for beautiful accessories. Sold in a variety of sizes and styles at affordable prices, our products are the ideal way to safely store your collections of accessories that are so important to you.


Your high-quality quartz watches also deserve a noble home. Discover watch boxes that optimally protect your favorite chronometers and at the same time flatter the eye. Valuable materials, optimal workmanship and a contemporary design are essential for the storage of high-quality watches. That is why you will only find watch boxes that convince us in terms of quality and appearance.
We also set standards in terms of variety. Be it an elegant watch box for home or a practical and stylish watch box for travel. We offer watch lovers the ideal and modern storage solution for every situation.


Why risk scratching your watch by placing it directly on your bedside table or desk, or even worse, keeping it in a drawer with other jewelry? Our watch stands are not only very elegant to look at, but also practical. When you want to put down your shiny new watch, our watch holder is there to save you from the inevitable scratches that occur when you normally store your watch on any surface. High quality is extremely important to us and something we take great pride in, we want your watch stand to last a lifetime. Whether you want a single or double watch stand, both provide a safe place to store your watch and it is always easily accessible.


Personal jewelry exudes an incomparable fascination. The loving storage of your jewelry reflects the high esteem in which your so exquisite objects are held. High-quality jewelry boxes add a special magic to the daily ritual of presenting your jewelry. A noble design made of wood or leather and a well thought-out interior provide the perfect setting for your jewelry and allow it to shine in all its beauty. Discover our wide selection of jewelry boxes and find the one that perfectly suits your style and your jewelry collection.